The time has finally come! The Center for Intersectional Justice (CIJ) will hold its First Community Open Space in Berlin, as a follow-up to the inauguration conference which took place in September last year.

This meeting will gather activists and community leaders from various social justice movements and grassroots organisations across Europe.

The aim is to network, share our work, activism, experiences and ideas and to foster inter-movement solidarity by bringing different communities affected by systemic inequalities together.

The event will be facilitated according to Open Space Technology. In the morning we will collectively develop the agenda and follow through with various workshop-type activities in the afternoon. Open Space means that the participants are fully involved in the planning, implementation and decisionmaking. There will be no panels, no speeches, and no set programme for the day.

The day will be guided by our various fields of expertise, experience, and knowledge. Open Space fosters leadership among all participants.

In order to ensure a positive atmosphere, the number of spaces is limited.

We are so excited to see many amazing and inspiring people there!

Najwa Ouguerram, for the CIJ Team

#intersectionaljustice #CIJCommunityOpenSpace